Hytera and Falcon Direct - A winning team, playing for YOU!

Not many people know.......

that Hytera Communications is now the second largest communications manufacturer in the world!  The growth of this company is based on reliable products, affordably priced, with features and functions designed to meet specific user needs.  More importantly, Hytera takes care of those who serve as the channel partners who link the manufacturer with the customers.  We are delighted to be one of those partners.

Most people know us as Falcon Direct, a communications equipment reseller, or Falcon Wireless, a speciality communications equipment manufacturer or Falcon Community Services, originator of the No Time For Crime program.  Our parent company, A2Z Communications was formed over a decade ago to allow additional growth by forming strategic alliances with major partners around the world. In Alabama, we have formed a separate group known as Hytera Alabama RMC (Regional Marketing Center) to serve the specialized needs of Education, Healthcare, Industry, and Public safety.

Call us what you will - Falcon, A2Z, or RMC, the commitment is the same, to serve YOU to the best of our ability!  On this web site, we will provide information on selected Hytera products especially chosen to meet the specific needs of those we serve.  You can learn more by selecting one of the tabs at the top of this page. Also, you can get a complete overview of the Hytera DMR product line at Info4u.us/HyteraInfo.pdf.  Check it out for some very interesting information of some of the unique things you can do with Hytera DMR radios!

Thanks for visiting.  We appreciate the opportunity to be of service!  If you have a question or requirement of any kind, please call us anytime or drop us an email. 

Hytera-Alabama RMC

   A member of the Falcon Wireless Family 

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