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Here's the radio you've been waiting for!  It's called the PD362! It's light (under 6 ounces), little (just over five inches high including the low profile antenna), and it has both analog and DMR digital capability.  In the digital mode, you get text messaging, long range, privacy, long battery life, and superior audio.  The incredible thing is the price - Just $306! We'll program the PD352 on up to 10 channels of your choice in the 430-470 MHz band FREE.  You can add up to 240 more with a low cost optional programming kit. For more information, click here!

Hytera offers three different types of radio systems in the USA. Analog radios are offered under the HYT brand name. Digital radios are offered in two different types, DMR, comparable to the Motorola MotoTRBO brand and TETRA, an international standard offered primarily to large utility users. See info4u.us/DMR_Overview.pdf for product information on our DMR products.

Our mobiles are available in two versions -  analog models, and full digital models that can operate in the DMR digital or analog mode. Due to the relatively small price difference between analog and digital mobiles, we recommend the purchase of only digital capable mobiles.

Our RD982 series repeater (shown above) is available in two versions - an analog model which can be upgraded to digital when desired, and a full digital model that can operate in the DMR digital or analog mode.

See info4u.us/DMR.pdf for commercial pricing information on DMR digital radios and click here for information on our latest new portables.

If you are a governmental user (including emergency healthcare and schools) or involved with first responder activities (paid or volunteer), please see the GSA section of this web page.

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